Poem Of The Week - July 23rd



we began to type words as if they were knives 

to see who would bleed out first,  

who would scream for mercy and put their weapon down,

the messages kept sending, our hearts were shattered 

my mind melting into my screen

my fingers bled every letter I began to type, 

my soul felt as if it was being sucked into a black hole 

becoming brittle and weak, my petals began to fall 

attempting to redeem any parts of me that I gave away, 

I suffocated, 


Crying out for it to stop, 

My heart was no longer in my chest but in shards caught in my throat - 

I tried to send him my sunflower petals surrendering

I tried to tell him 'I love him' one more time..

he told me no longer does he believe the sunflower is the most enchanting he will ever see, 

He kept throwing knives, 

the sun isn’t as bright as she thinks she is, 

there are other stars that can still illuminate his path

you aren’t the best, 

or the most beautiful, 

you aren’t anything I can’t replace. 

I’ll get better,

 he plucked my last petal that he re-bloomed 

put it in his pocket 

and closed the blinds on my sun rays that once lit his soul 

I hid my tears

all I dreamed was for him to understand my pain.

 to take my weeping face in his hands to let me go so he can heal,

he let go too late, 

he let me bleed,

and now,

all I want is for him to help me breathe.