Poem Of The Week - July 9th

Salt Water Lungs. 


It comes in waves, 

the missing. 

You are ok one second, 

Your ankles are in the water, and you are staring at the calmness of the earth -

the beautiful sunset, the motion of the waves kissing your feet, the sand tickling your toes -

the heartbreak sleeps. 

In a blink of an eye

waves are crashing on you drowning your lungs, 

forcefully isolating you, 

rolling you through a riptide - 

you are motionless


nobody notices you are gone. 

You can fight the tide,

screaming and yelling 

or you can accept what is, 

you let the salt water burn the cut,

you let the ocean bring you back to shore, 

you let go. 

Once you catch your breath,

you realize, 

the missing comes in waves - 

I miss you. 

I love you.

I suffocate without you. 

But I will always end up back on the shore

watching the sunrise each and every morning

with, or without you

- all I can do is ride out the wave. -

but is it too much to ask,

can you ride the wave with me?

don't leave me alone to experience the cotton candy hues, the aching blue sky, the start of a new day without looking into your eyes - 

kiss me and make a wish, 

that even a broken seashell has beauty in it even if its left alone on the sand. 

 we can ride out this wave, 

and end up on shore together,

staring at the sunrise, your heart against my chest

the salt water no longer stings my lungs, 

you help me take each new breath. 


ride this wave,

watch the sunrise with me?

- Demetra Demi 


 Katie So Illustration

Katie So Illustration