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Demetra "Demi" Gregorakis is a Greek American Author - a writer and a lover of poetry.

There are these little memories throughout her time she wishes she could keep in jars. Flashes of moments, people, specific places that she wishes she could relive, it brings her heart to her stomach - that make her 20’s the most confusing, lonely, amazing, time of her life. She captures her experiences and lessons in her first book. 

“If someone loves my writings, hates my writings, shares my writings as long as it makes them feel something I have accomplished just a little.”  


Love Letters In The Wall gives a whole new perspective on what this word “love” really is.

A intimate look at Demetra’s personal journey as she opens up her journal for the world to read, you will soon have a piece of her heart in your hands. 

Her empowering Love Letter To Men, published by the Huffington Post is just one of the raw pieces that will be included in her book.

Love Letters on the Wall

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