Quote Of The Day - Everything Happens For A Reason

"When you live your life with an appreciation of coincidences and their meanings, you connect with the underlying field of infinite possibilities."

~ Deepak Chopra


We get upset about closed doors, expectations that didn't translate into reality, but there is a purpose for the path you go on. The relationship that didn't work out means someone better is coming, when the job didn't happen, something else is out there for you.

When I received the first proof of my book today it made me overwhelmed. My heart was beaming. The happiness I felt for this present moment right here, right now. It made me really understand that all the rejection, sorrow, disappointment, heartache that has happened has led me to where I need to be.  

There are infinite possibilities when we appreciate the doors that have been slammed in our face, of course, take the time to get out the sadness (we are only human) But I like to allow a 24 hour deep thinking day where I can reassure and calm the heart.  

 Wake up and start fresh. 

Everything is easier said than done, I recognize this, but once you believe that the sun is meant to shine on you and not burn you, you will see things in a whole new perspective. 

Life is an adventure, we get so wrapped up in what people perceive us as - do what it is that fills your soul with moon beams. 

All the answers you need are already within you. 

xx Demetra