Quote Of The Day - Poem of Thoughts

"Serve, Love, Give, Purify, Meditate, Realise. Be good, do good, be kind, be compassionate."

~ Sri Swami Sivananda


Hello, my Sunnies🌻 

Sharing my favorite quote of the day and my poem of thoughts below. I heard someone say that love is not always necessary - and it had me thinking...

in the rose garden, tending to my friends.

in the rose garden, tending to my friends.

Is Love Necessary? 

Love in any form is valid,
who would deny love? 
if its a get home safe text, 
or being wrapped in the arms of your partner, 
if it's you spilling your soul on the floor to convey your emotions,
or if it's picking up a bouquet of sunflowers because you know they had a bad day, 

the smallest of acts are a way to show someone you care.

love is not always romantic. 

given in any form is beautiful, is needed.
To say that some love given isn’t what people want isn’t what they need, 
that the love you supply is a “nice gesture” but isn’t going to help someone is like saying that you only choose to be kind to certain people -
you only choose to smile at those who smile first, 
that you only choose to give your hand to lift someone just so you can lift yourself up as well, 
what a sad way to look at love, at life. 

love given is never wasted

no matter what:  heartbreak, falling outs, the ones who judge without knowing you..

maybe it's foolish for me to give my love so freely, 
but I rather touch souls with my giving, my dorkiness, with my kindness, my love..

the world always needs more love, 
there is always a place for it to fit,  

I guess the worst thing they could say about me is , 

she loves big. 


Thanks for stopping by today! What do you think about giving love? 

Lots of sunnies your way, 

xx Demetra