My Book Is Here.

A piece of my heart and soul are now in the universe. 

Love Letters in the Wall: Agapé Edition
By Demetra Demi Gregorakis

A journey, would be an understatement of what it took to create this. 

‘Love Letters In The Wall: Agapé Edition’, is in the universe 🌻 5 years in the making. I have been crying, smiling, scared, excited, and nauseous. I started this journey as a wilted sunflower, with no petals. I started this journey as a girl who thought she knew what love was. I was broken.  You will be holding my heart in your hands, and nothing gives me more anxiety, feeling so exposed, opening parts of my heart for people to read. But I do it for one reason: I write because there is nothing more beautiful than the human experience connecting with another. I write because it’s my passion,  my words go out into the universe and knowing that some soul can feel a sense of relief or a glimmer of hope from my words keeps me writing and dreaming that I can add some kind of healing, comfort, and kindness to this crazy world. As my girl Meryl Streep said, “take your broken heart, make it into art”. Thats what I did - here I am years later, a sunflower blooming.

It's truly a dream come true, and the dream is just beginning. So many things to accomplish, but for now - I hold my book by my heart and I'm thankful that this dream came to light. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you for reading supporting and sharing my words - my heart is full, I can't think you enough. Th

Send me a love letter if you have any questions! Purchase on Amazon, in stores soon!