Poem Of The Week - July 16th


The Dying Star

Henn Kim

Henn Kim


In the morning he wore the sun 

like a kings crown, 

singing 'I love you’s' to her eyes, 

. . .

At night she saw the mask come off, 

injecting his addiction into her,

unveiling a darkness that engulfed her heart, 


tearing it slowly,  

ripping pieces off as she silently screamed for him 

to let her warmth bring him home,

he would spew out poison from his tongue 

piercing her lungs, 

screaming at the sun telling her

she never gave him the light he needed, 

killing the sunflowers he once re-bloomed

the beauty growing from her veins now dull and weak,

Leaving her isolated in her tears of 

"Why is my soul always chosen to be violently thrown into the shadows of another's eclipse, suffocating my sunlight, while I try to emit light for the one I thought would hold my heart forever?"



*this is a sneak peek of the piece "Dying Star"*