Poem of The Week July 30th

love is a perspective that shifts,
we look at the surface, 
we fall in love with the skin at first. 
the eyes, 
we learn about the intelligence,

it’s simple, it’s lustful.
then, we learn each other’s skin, 
we say love, 
we make love, 
we make memories, 
we take vows.

then life starts to settle in, 
the honeymoon begins to fade — 
we go through journeys and experiences
climbing mountains, going through storms — 
we fight, 
we yell, 
we make up.

it wasn’t always a happily ever after, but it was the greatest story we could ever have written together.
love is an empty box,
and each of us puts something new in there everyday
and we keep building upon it.

We loved each other the least when we first met,
my love grows for you every day. 
and I have never loved you more than I do right now, (and I know it will only grow brighter as time passes)

It was your expression, more than your words, that always filled my heart with joy.

With you, my life felt like a fantastic adventure, a fairytale.

we keep adding to our love,

you are my life,

you are my true love,

the one I adore.

Forever Yours,