Love Letter - Keep Blooming

Does it get any dorkier? (see picture below) 💁🏻🌻

This is a selfie with me and my sunflower friend Calliope today... Standing at about 5 feet who bloomed surprisingly not in my garden. I tossed an extra seed into the mulch and didn't even plant it, just had some extra seeds and threw them not thinking much - forgetting it was their weeks went by and it became a small stem that everyone thought was a weed, but it kept growing and growing and I realized by the look of it, that this was going to be a sunflower - a beautiful yellow sunflower. Waiting for it to bloom - I was again surprised! I saw it wasn't the typical sunny it was red, different and weird just like me, the little seal girl of sunnies (#astoldbyginger) 90's kid's anyone? ;) Anyway, nature is cool. 

It's amazing what can happen when we let the universe do its thing. I have a beautiful garden, nurtured it, pruned it, watered it - and some rabbit friends got in and actually ate my sunnies that I planted - I was so bummed. Even though I was obsessing over it, I couldn't control my little furry friends finding their way to my garden ( I was happy though I could give them some sunshine). When I was thinking I would have no sunflowers in my backyard this year -  this beautiful sunny appeared by my deck, it filled me with some much love, so much wonder. If we just let things happen, let go of worry, just trust in ourselves - beautiful things can happen.  

You can bloom no matter where you are planted, under any condition. So keep blooming you beautiful sunflowers. 

Lots of sunnies and love your way,