The Mysterious Turquoise Orb - An Archangel

I was outside enjoying the beautiful fall sunshine in my cozy sweater, and even though it was extremely windy I felt grounded. When I looked at my phone all of the pictures from my practice had a turquoise orb, and the orb followed me in all of my asanas! It never stayed in one area.  I know we can say it was the sun,  the lighting or whatever, but I constantly moved the position of my phone and not till I was done with my practice did I see that this ball of light was either very near me or on me - this solid turquoise orb. 

The color is spiritually associated with psychic energy and truth. A very calming color and many people associate it with spiritual guidance. Some people feel blue orbs are sign of a calming presence or energy, while others feel they indicate the presence of a spirit guide in that location. 

When I looked up I found a beautiful message about an Archangel.

"Trust in the Divine Process, trust that everything will come to you as you need it, and to know that the Universe responds in infinite ways."

• • • 

There are no coincidences, this archangel is close with poetry and writing. when I read the description because of the meaning and the connection it has with me I cried. What my soul was asking for was answered in such a subtle beautiful way. I'm a very spiritually connected person, the color turquoise is always been an important part of my life. I believe in angels and I believe we have guardians watching out for us.  

"This archangel is also associated with nature and animals, and works on helping people become more self-loving in the sense of being gentle, patient and kind to themselves." Silverla StMichael

This isn't a post to tell you to be a spiritual person, you have to find your own way, your own beliefs - this is just who I am. I'm just sharing a beautiful experience I had.  

I'm currently week 5 of Yoga Teacher training (another post more about that soon!), looking more into it, I found how this Archangel goes towards our Root Chakra

"The Archangel associated with this Chakra is Archangel Sandalphon. His main role is to carry our prayers to God, so they may get answered. He is also associated with music and we might feel his presence more when we listen to music, sing or play an instrument. So next time we want to balance our root chakra we can just put on some music, call upon Sandalphon and get our Chakra balanced  . His Crystal affinity is Turquoise."

Information from Silverla StMichael

"He will often send a message through a creative medium: poetry, writing, art or inspirations for your own little green patch. Sandalphon’s presence is felt as a gentle energy at one’s side, standing shoulder to shoulder as equals – not some lofty or awe-striking spirit. I would think that most people’s experience of Sandalphon’s intervention is the feeling of being uplifted, in harmony and unity and oneness, in the sharing of the human experience, when singing in a group such as a congregation, choir, or sing-along. When you truly experience interconnectedness, the chances are he is in the vicinity, inspiring that experience. Additionally, Sandalphon is extremely good at putting people in your path at exactly the right time to move you forward with your current questions – the very wheel-turner of synchronicity, indeed."

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There are messages that get answered even if the questions you have are never asked out loud. There are things we can't see with the naked eye, you're always being protected even if you think you aren't, the universe is listening.

Namaste, Demetra

Namaste, Demetra