Poem Of The Week - August 6th


I let lips of passion make a disastrous companion, 

I know happiness not remained with his presence,

 I would fawn over his look of gold without a moment to sense the dream of losing my senses. 

Between the lightning,

I completely rose from the grass, 

I captivated him. 

Love stamping mirages of lips brought desires he never captured with her, 

he cried hope in the garden of sunflowers,

animated by the traveling fate of the reflection of their souls talking without an echo being stars away.


the side of himself hidden became free, 

our eyes light ingeniously, 

electricity from each other was the first adventure, 

we evoked the beginning of being stars again, 

entirely human without one word, 

magnets escaped the essence of a mindful prison.

the dreams of what a love lost,

 awoke worlds of coming back home, 

is his reconciliation with i.